Over one hundred and thirty five years ago, a group of farmers and business men set forth the foundation for an insurance company.  The idea was that neighbors would help each other lesson the financial burden of a catastrophic loss to their property.  This concept of neighbors banding together is the foundation that Farmers Mutual Insurance Association was built on.

Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Association of Palo Alto County was incorporated in 1886.  The secretary was EP McEvoy.  Its name changed to Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Palo Alto County in 1906.

In 1990, Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Palo Alto County was merged with Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Emmet County.
Farmers Mutual Insurance Association’s writing area consists of eight counties:  Palo Alto, Emmet, Buena Vista, Clay, Dickinson, Pocahontas, Humboldt and Kossuth counties.  Seventeen agencies write business with our mutual.  Coverage in force has grown from $1,250 in 1886 to $650 million in 2021.



Left to right: Scott Gloede (Adjuster/Inspector), Beverly Danielson (Office Manager), Duane McGregor (Secretary/Manager), Vikki Schmidt(Office Assistant), Rich Stillman (Adjuster) , Not Pictured Mike Hough (Grinnell Mutual Adjuster)




Board of Directors

Front row - left to right:  Norlyn Stowell - President, Duane McGregor - Secretary/Treasurer(Not Pictured), RIch Stillman, Nancy Nesheim - Vice President
Back Row - left to right: James Miller, Thad Louwagie, Doug Merrill, Ron Hersom, David Garrelts, Norma Beaver (Not Pictured)